Friday, July 27, 2012

Tips to Prevent Operation Post Keloid Caesar

Keloid, usually occurs after a cesarean section if the post was not optimal wound care. Actually what it keloid? Keloid is a type of scar tissue that result from excessive growth of skin scars of the wounded, that exceeds the wound itself. For pregnant women keloid tissue could be a growing belly without the skin can be controlled after recovering from a cesarean section scar. Keloids are not contagious and is not dangerous, just that seems to be disturbing because of the skin and it can be a little itchy.

The emergence of the keloid scars cesarean section influenced by factors that influence the formation of scars on a person, including the depth of the wound, wound size, wound location and genetic factors (heredity). If in your family have a tendency to form keloid scars, it is most likely scar you will also form a keloid. Keloid is shaped chewy, shiny, and can vary in colors like pink, red meat, and dark brown, marked by symptoms of itching, sharp pains, and changes shape. In severe cases, can hinder the movement of the skin. What is often confusing is how to distinguish keloid scar tissue scar with the usual (hypertrophic scar). Hypertrophic scar is an upward growth (prominent) scar tissue scar that does not spread beyond the wound.

So how to prevent keloid formation post cesarean section? The point is to skin care. Proper wound care post caesarean great influence on whether or not arising keloid. Wounds treated with care, in a few days to dry, close, not wet, not inflamed, and no pain. Impaired wound healing will remain wet, swelling, and pain, signs of infected wounds. Try to always keep the cleanliness of the wound, and wound care routine post caesarean section as instructed by your doctor. Cover the wound with gauze over the wound has not closed completely.

Wounds that do not require sutures covered with sterile gauze after spiked with antisepsis. Do not coat the wound with cotton, because cotton is attached to the wound, and young skin tissue can be formed when sticky cotton is picked up. As a result, the wound never recovered. Once wrapped, an effort so that the wound is not touched by water bath or any water for several days according to doctor's instructions. Increase your intake of vitamin C and vitamin E that will accelerate the growth of new skin cells, and also increase the foods that contain high protein such as eggs and fish, but the people who are allergic to fish and eggs instead of high protein foods with other foods. And the most important thing is if you are talented keloid, prior to caesarean section should tell your doctor if you have talent so keloid at the incision given special medication to prevent the formation of keloids. Hopefully this information useful.


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  3. The list of Keloid Symptoms and signs mentioned in various sources for Keloid includes the 3 symptoms are Local irritation or pain, Dome shaped scar which extends beyond the injury, Red or dark in color. "

  4. The keloids symptoms include raised tissue that is generally accompanied by tough itching, sharp, needle-like pains, and changes in texture, although the degree of all these depends upon the individual and the harshness of the keloids.